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Brexit Chaos and your UK State Pension

Remember, as it stands, your access to UK state pension rights is unaffected by Brexit, directly at least. This has been agreed in early 2019 between the British and Irish governments in a bilateral agreement. However, the Law of Unintended Consequences applies to Brexit too.   Press commentary suggests that the traditionally efficient functioning of…

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Class 2 NICs, the cheaper way to accumulate UK state pension entitlements

Class 2 Voluntary NI Contributions All the examples on voluntary contributions on this website cite the standard Class 3 voluntary national insurance contribution, the rate for which varies each year but for example, for 2019/20 it is £780.00. It is also possible people can qualify for the much cheaper Class 2 voluntary contribution. These contributions…

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CTA to save access for Irish to the UK state pension?

A recent letter regarding the significance of the CTA submitted by the Irish Ambassador to the UK, Adrian O’Neill, to the Irish World, a weekly newspaper for the Irish in Britain. See link below.   Letter seems to strongly indicate that despite the UK leaving the EU Ireland will still enjoy certain privileges in the…

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Why is your UK State Pension important?

    Well first of all, if you worked for any period in the UK you could have accumulated some UK state pension rights. Yes, under the pre April 2016 rules you must have a minimum of 10 qualifying years on your record, otherwise you qualify for no UK state pension, full-stop. Even if you…

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Extract from House of Commons, BRIEFING PAPER Number CBP-07894

Extract from House of Commons, BRIEFING PAPER Number CBP-07894, 18 August 2017 “The UK Government’s offer for EU citizens in the UK and UK nationals in the EU on their rights and status after the UK leaves the EU published on 26 June 2017 said: 7. In relation to benefits, pensions, healthcare, economic and other…

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Brexit: Position Paper by the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and Ireland

Position Paper by the United Kingdom (16 August 2017)                 Northern Ireland and Ireland   In relation to the rights associated with the CTA, the rights of Irish citizens in the UK were first codified in 1949, when Ireland left the Commonwealth. The Ireland Act 1949 states that Ireland “is not a foreign country for…

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