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Extract from House of Commons, BRIEFING PAPER Number CBP-07894

Extract from House of Commons, BRIEFING PAPER Number CBP-07894, 18 August 2017
“The UK Government’s offer for EU citizens in the UK and UK nationals in the EU on their rights and status after the UK leaves the EU published on 26 June 2017 said:

7. In relation to benefits, pensions, healthcare, economic and other rights, in the expectation that these rights will be reciprocated by EU member states, the Government intends that: […]

  • The UK will continue to export and uprate the UK State Pension within the EU;
  • the UK will continue to aggregate periods of relevant insurance, work or residence within the EU accrued before exit to help meet the entitlement conditions for UK contributory benefits and State Pension, even where entitlement to these rights may be exercised after exit.

A joint technical note on the comparison of EU-UK positions on citizen’s rights published on 19 July 2017 said both sides had committed to lifetime export of uprated pension.”

…….this suggests the UK wishes that the status quo preserved in terms of pension entitlements and purchase of voluntary contributions but remember, this is an opening discussion document. It still has to be negotiated in the context of all the other Brexit issues and, in the cut and thrust of complex negotiations, may be traded off for concessions deemed more important. Who knows what the final outcome will be !!

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