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UK State Pension and annual increases

One of the main attractions of the UK state pension is the underlying commitment to annual increases. The “triple lock”, as the system for annual reviews of the UK state pension is more commonly known, was introduced by the Cameron government in 2010 and essentially means that the UK state pension increases by the higher…
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Brexit Chaos and your UK State Pension

Remember, as it stands, your access to UK state pension rights is unaffected by Brexit, directly at least. This has been agreed in early 2019 between the British and Irish governments in a bilateral agreement. However, the Law of Unintended Consequences applies to Brexit too.   Press commentary suggests that the traditionally efficient functioning of…
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Class 2 NICs, the cheaper way to accumulate UK state pension entitlements

Class 2 Voluntary NI Contributions All the examples on voluntary contributions on this website cite the standard Class 3 voluntary national insurance contribution, the rate for which varies each year but for example, for 2019/20 it is £780.00. It is also possible people can qualify for the much cheaper Class 2 voluntary contribution. These contributions…
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Increases to the UK State Pension, April 2019

The annual increase to the UK state pension has been applied from 6 April 2019. The rates have been increased as follows: – ‘Old’ UK state pension: increases from £125.95pw to £129.20pw – ‘New’ UK state pension: increases from £164.35pw to £168.60pw Effectively this is an increase of 2.6% which compares favourably to the 1.9%…
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Recent Good News regarding UK State Pension

There’s a relief! An agreement concluded between the UK and Irish governments this month (February 2019) reaffirms that existing cross-border social security benefits, including the UK state pension among other things, will continue after Brexit. This agreement was concluded under the auspices of the CTA (Common Travel Area) regulations so, it uniquely applies to Irish…
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CTA to save access for Irish to the UK state pension?

A recent letter regarding the significance of the CTA submitted by the Irish Ambassador to the UK, Adrian O’Neill, to the Irish World, a weekly newspaper for the Irish in Britain. See link below.   Letter seems to strongly indicate that despite the UK leaving the EU Ireland will still enjoy certain privileges in the…
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Irish Independent, 15Nov 2018. “No Deal”, is your UK state pension at risk?

Interesting take on Brexit by Richard Curran of the Irish Independent.   All bets off if there is No Deal by 29 March 2019! He does mention social welfare rights which by extension includes UK state pension entitlements. The No Deal scenario truly looks like staring into the abyss. After yesterday’s mass resignations in…
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Irish Independent, 13 August 2018

Brexit may endanger your UK state pension!! Charlie Weston, Irish Independent 13 August 2018Irish Independent 13Aug18
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