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About USP Financial

Frank Buckley is a graduate of both NUI Galway and Dublin and is a chartered accountant of close to 30 years. He has worked in finance positions in manufacturing, distribution and financial services over that time. In one of his roles, he spent 5 years in financial management in the manufacturing sector in Scotland. More recently he was employed for 13 years in a senior finance role with a large Irish semi-state organisation and spent 9 years as a trustee of one of the company pension schemes with assets of c.€200m.

He was astounded by the exceptional value to be gained in maximising his UK state pension entitlements, the relatively modest cost in securing those benefits and a stark lack of knowledge of other similarly returned Irish nationals.

This inspired him to start USP Financial with the aim of helping other returned immigrants secure their UK state pension entitlements. As he says, “.... there is no point leaving money on the table, particularly when it is so expensive to provide for your retirement through life annuities and other financial products. It is imperative to secure whatever state entitlements you are rightfully due and to maximise these to the fullest extent. Sure, a UK state pension alone will not provide a comfortable retirement on it’s own but it can augment whatever other provisions you have made financially for life after work”


Brexit has finally happened! As and from 1st January 2021 the transition period has ended and the UK is fully outside the EU. It is important to note that state pension rights in the UK were preserved for EU citizens in the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) concluded on Christmas Eve 2020.

In any case, access to the respective Irish and UK state pensions had already been formalised under the Common Travel Area (CTA) provisions formally ratified on 8th May 2019. Under the CTA British citizens had access to the Irish state pension subject to satisfying the eligibility criteria. Similarly, Irish citizens have similar access to the UK state pension.


Very simple process and explained well. I was completely unaware of the potential in boosting my National Insurance record in the UK. I had left and returned to Ireland nearly 20 years ago and had long since forgotten those hazy summer (single !!) days crossing Clapham Common. This will definitely be a welcome boost and for a modest cost.




I worked in Scotland in the early-mid 90s, came home and thought no more about it until I accidentally came across USP Financial looking for something else. I had no idea that a UK state pension was even possible given I had only spent 4 years there. True, I had to spend a few £££s but the value I received when it was explained to me was immense. I am really happy that I’ve done this.




Yeah, a bit sceptical at first but I had a sense I was entitled to something after 10 years in Manchester (red, not blue!!). I didn’t realise it was as easy as simple as making a small payment to the Inland Revenue to add even more benefits.



Look, I knew a bit about this but I thought after Brexit I better check up, you just don’t know what those politicians will agree so, I paid up. As far as I am concerned, I’m now entitled to £110 per week from age 66 after paying up an extra €5,520.... I get it back in less than one year!!



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