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CTA to save access for Irish to the UK state pension?

A recent letter regarding the significance of the CTA submitted by the Irish Ambassador to the UK, Adrian O’Neill, to the Irish World, a weekly newspaper for the Irish in Britain. See link below.


Letter seems to strongly indicate that despite the UK leaving the EU Ireland will still enjoy certain privileges in the UK under the terms of the CTA (Common Travel Area) including social security benefits. This is indeed good news as it should mean continued access to the UK state pension and the voluntary contribution facility to boost your UK state pension entitlements.


So, even if access to social security benefits, including the UK state pension, ceases for EU citizens Irish citizens will still enjoy those benefits under the CTA regardless of Brexit. Interesting, I hope the Ambassador is right!!

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  1. Frank Buckley on 4th December 2018 at 3:54 pm

    So far this is the only significance I’ve seen attached to the CTA in the context of Brexit. All through this process it would appear that Ireland would stick with the remaining EU27 and the UK would go off an paddle their own canoe. We would separate finally after 100 years of a very close relationship and sever any relationships with the UK other than those secured through the EU.

    However, if the Ambassador is right, we Irish could still retain historic access to the UK for employment, residence etc under the CTA (which to my knowledge has never been codified into Law). Sounds a bit like “having your cake and eating it”??

    Won’t the EU be concerned with a back-door access for goods not conforming to EU regulatory standards? I really don’t know.

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